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Before we get into specific issues, I challenge the voters of the South Bay to recall a single issue on which the incumbent leads. He has been in the legislature for almost eight years. Of course, in a one-party state, any Democratic legislator can author or co-author some nice sounding legislation. But on crime, homelessness, the cost of housing, the price of gas, the cost of living, taxes, water supply, your kids’ education, are you better off or worse off since the incumbent has been in the legislature? It is time for a South Bay watchdog to represent you in Sacramento.

Gas Tax

I will form a coalition of legislators to waive the California gas tax for one year. This will lower the price of gas by one dollar at the pump to give the people needed relief during this inflationary period. 

Increase the Funding for Police and Fire

I’m Opposed to Diverting from Public Safety Agencies to Invest in Social Programs.

Policing is a hard and dangerous job; I am grateful for our men and women in blue. Crime is soaring because our elected leaders will not enforce the law and most criminals are not held accountable for the harm that they do. I don’t want to defund the police; we need to increase training given the ever-wider range of situations we expect our law enforcement officer to handle

Reduce Crime

I support the recall of LA County District Attorney George Gascon, whose stated policy is not to enforce dozens of laws and who no longer permits his attorneys to accompany the victims of crime to parole hearings. Just this week, comedian Dave Chapelle was violently attacked at the Hollywood Bowl and Gascon has announced the attacker will not be charged with a felony.

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